• The function of concrete admixtures in concrete

    The use of concrete admixtures can have a significant impact on the properties of concrete. Concrete admixtures are materials that are added to concrete mixes in order to modify the properties of concrete and achieve particular characteristics. They are usually added during the mixing process, bu...
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  • Connotation of high performance concrete superplasticizer

    Superplasticizer refers to the condition that keeps the slump of concrete basically the same, Admixtures that can greatly reduce the amount of water used in mixing. The High Performance Water Reducer is a new concept proposed after the concept of high performance concrete. At present, it has not ...
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  • Concrete admixture is chemical substance that is added in the process of mixing concrete, accounting for less than 5% of the cement, and can significantly improve the performance of concrete.

    Concrete admixture is chemical substance that is added in the process of mixing concrete, accounting for less than 5% of the cement, and can significantly improve the performance of concrete. The characteristics of concrete admixtures are many varieties and small dosage, which have a great influe...
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  • Talking about the market and development prospect of water reducing agent

    Concrete is currently the most widely used building material, and my country is the largest user of concrete in the world. As a kind of concrete admixture, water reducer has only a history of several decades, but its development speed is very fast, and it plays a pivotal role in the development o...
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  • The advantages of polycarboxylate superplasticizer in concrete application

    Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a new type of water-reducing agent prepared by monomer multi-component water-based polymerization water reducer. Due to the unique molecular structure, the water reducing agent can realize the dispersion of cement particles through the dual action of electrosta...
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  • Influence of concrete admixture on rheological properties of fresh concrete

    ew and higher requirements for the performance of concrete.Since the promotion of concrete admixtures in the 1940s, its development has not only changed the internal structure of hardened concrete from the microscopic and submicroscopic levels, but also changed the structure of fresh concrete in ...
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  • High Early strength type polycarboxylate superplasticizer

    1.Product introduction High early strength type Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a comb-structured polycarboxylate superplasticizer that is copolymerized with carboxylic acid and ester macromonomers. The early strength of concrete mixed with this product can be significantly improved, and the ...
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  • Goverment policy-Environmental protection influence on concrete admixture production

    as we all know,goverment policy have lot influence about factory production,the production of concrete admixture is also not an exception.One of our customer asked me:’how is your production going?is it still good?’ that makes me realize that China Environmental protection policy already has a h...
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  • Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid

    Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid is one of dispersant. Other name is NNO dispersant. It is beige yellow powder. It is mainly used as dispersant in disperse dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes and leather dyes. Dispersants, electroplating additives, water-soluble coatings, pigmen...
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  • Problems and solutions in use of polycarboxylate additive

    With the wide application of polycarboxylate additive,more and more application problems presented in front of we will discuss what are these problems and how to solve these problems.   1,how much water and cement we should add after using polycarboxylate additive Polycarboxylate ad...
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  • Heart disease needs a new drug – Vericiguat

    Heart disease needs a new drug – Vericiguat

    the risk of death and hospitalization for heart failure to some extent. However, patients are at high risk of recurrent heart failure worsening events, mortality remains at around 25% and prognosis remains poor. Therefore, there is still an urgent need for new therapeutic agents in the treatment ...
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  • Changeable price for Polycarboxylate superplasticizer

    If you are a professional on polycarboxylate superplasticizer,you must know that price for polycarboxylate superplasticizer is always changeable,like steel. Reason for the changeable price As other products,polycarboxylate superplasticizer is also made by its raw material,like TPEG,HPEG,crylic ac...
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